Ham and Cheese Toastie with Ballymaloe Original Relish

Ham and Cheese Toastie UK BannerBallymaloe Original Relish is a delicious tomato relish that tastefully transforms the simplest of sandwiches, cheeses, pastries, cold meats, burgers and gourmet sausages. Our small family company produces this with 100% Natural Ingredients.

(Makes 2)

5g of real Irish butter

4 slices of good quality white bread

50g mature cheddar cheese

A few slices of free range ham

4 tsp Ballymaloe Original Relish

1.Butter the bread. Add ham, grated cheese and Ballymaloe Original Relish.

2.Close the sandwich and butter the outside of the bread.

3.Heat the frying pan and place the sandwich inside it. Flip when it turns golden brown keeping an eye on it making sure it doesn’t burn.

4.Remove when it is brown on both sides. Slice and serve with additional Ballymaloe Original Relish.

Alternatively, it can be made in a toastie maker, in sandwich toasting bags or under the grill in the oven.

1.First you need to slice your bread and cheese.

2.Butter your bread, add the cheese and ham and a generous dollop of Ballymaloe Original Relish.

3.Toast until the cheese has melted.


The Story of Ballymaloe

Ballymaloe Story Image

Ballymaloe House was started in the 1960’s as a country guest house and restaurant by Myrtle Allen, who soon became known for producing outstanding quality home grown food and warm hospitality. Yasmin, a daughter of Myrtle started producing one of Ballymaloe’s favourite recipes, Ballymaloe Original Relish for shops and restaurants in 1990 and within a few years it became a favourite in Irish households. Yasmin and her family still produce Ballymaloe Original Relish in our specially designed kitchens in Little Island, Co. Cork.

(read more http://ballymaloefoods.ie/about-us/)


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