Ballymaloe Salad Plate

salad plate 7



A few slices of baked ham or roast chicken

Ballymaloe Irish Beetroot

Ballymaloe potato salad

Hard boiled eggs

cherry tomatoes

A selection of salad leaves


A salad plate makes a lovely summer lunch or dinner. It’s so nice to have a little of everything and a great way to use up tasty leftovers.


This is just a selection of ideas for a salad plate. The Ballymaloe potato salad recipe uses new potatoes with lots of fresh herbs, Ballymaloe French dressing and mayonnaise.  You could add anything you like to the salad plate smoked salmon or mackerel, pâté,  some cucumber pickle, coleslaw, radish, some crunchy raw carrot and celery, Ballymaloe original relish..the world is your oyster!

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