Chicken Drumsticks with Jalapeño Mayo

Chicken Drumsticks with Jalapeno Mayo


( serves 4)

16 chicken drumsticks

4 tbsp mayonnaise

4tbsp Ballymaloe Jalapeno


You can also use Ballymaloe Jalapeño as a marinade for drumsticks or chicken breasts. When nearly cooked just baste with jalapeno for the final moments on the grill.



Mix Ballymaloe Jalapeno and mayonnaise to create your BBQ dip. Cook the drumsticks on a hot BBQ for 25 minutes, turning regularly to ensure the chicken cooks evenly on all sides. To check that the chicken is cooked through, cut into the thickest piece and ensure juices run clear. Serve a platter of drumsticks with Jalapeno Mayo dipping sauce.

Tip: Chicken can be cooked ahead in the oven and finished on BBQ if you prefer

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