Smoked trout blinis with crème fraiche and Ballymaloe Beetroot

blinis g



(Makes 12-14)

50g crème fraiche

100g smoked Goatsbridge smoked trout

1 tbsp Ballymaloe Irish Beetroot finely diced

12-14 blinis

Chive flowers or dill for garnish


These blinis are as pretty as they are tasty. This is really an assembly job, perfect canapés for a party. You can happily use smoked salmon in the place of trout.


Simply arrange the blinis on your serving plate. Top each blini with a half teaspoon of crème fraiche, add smoked trout and garnish with Ballymaloe Irish Beetroot. Add tiny sprigs of dill or chive flowers for an extra touch.

Recipe by Grace O’ Driscoll.

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