Elevate your summer eating with MayoLish, the perfect blend of our legendary Ballymaloe Relish and creamy Ballymaloe Mayo. This exciting condiment brings together the best of both worlds, and is extremely versatile, simply use wherever you would normally use a tomato sauce or mayonnaise!

We have gathered a few recipes below that we love enjoying MayoLish with. If you have found the perfect way to use MayoLish, pop us an email or message on our socials and your recipe could appear below!

Hungry for a kinder world

We have partnered with FoodCloud, the Irish non-profit dedicated to fighting food waste and food insecurity. So far in 2024, we have donated 18 tonnes of surplus food to FoodCloud, which equates to 42,920 meals and the equivalent 57.7 tonnes of C02 avoided.

As a food donor, Ballymaloe Foods aspires to support FoodCloud in the following ways:
• Provide surplus food generated in production on a monthly basis
• Educate Ballymaloe consumers on the environmental impact of food waste, provide tips to prevent food waste and recipe suggestions to mitigate surplus food too.

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