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Sean Moriarty
Foodservice Manager


Ballymaloe Relish

We’ve been making Ballymaloe Relish for over 30 years, using the original...

Ballymaloe Burger Sauce

Ballymaloe Burger Sauce 960ml Deli Bottles

What better way to enjoy the great taste of Ballymaloe on your...

Ballymaloe Cranberry Sauce

Ballymaloe Cranberry Sauce is as natural as it can be, with only...

Ballymaloe Fiery Relish

Ballymaloe Fiery Relish 960 ml

If you’re looking for a bit more heat from your food, Ballymaloe...

Ballymaloe Hidden Veggies Pasta Sauce

Ballymaloe Hidden Veggies Pasta Sauce Foodservice

Made with 100% natural ingredients, Ballymaloe Hidden Veggies Pasta Sauce is a...

Ballymaloe Irish Beetroot

Ballymaloe Diced Beetroot

Ballymaloe Irish Beetroot really is a unique product, as it’s grown, cooked,...

Ballymaloe Irish Stout Sauce

Ballymaloe Irish Stout Sauce 960 ml

Ballymaloe Irish Stout Sauce is a distinctive and tasty alternative to peppercorn,...

Ballymaloe Italian Tomato Pasta Sauce

Ballymaloe Italian Tomato Pasta Sauce Foodservice

Our Italian Tomato Pasta Sauce is just that; using Italian tomatoes we...

Ballymaloe Mini Jars

Ballymaloe Mini Jars Range

For the nutritional value, ingredients list, and storage information for each product...

Ballymaloe Pasta Sauces

Ballymaloe Pasta Sauce Foodservice Ireland

Made with 100% natural ingredients, Ballymaloe Pasta Sauces are a delicious option...

Ballymaloe Pepper Relish

Ballymaloe Pepper Relish Foodservice Ireland

Ballymaloe Pepper Relish combines tomatoes and red peppers with a background spiced...

Ballymaloe The Deli Range

Ballymaloe Deli Bottles Range

Why not upgrade your Deli offer with our premium range of relishes...

Ballymaloe Tropical Mango Relish

Ballymaloe Tropical Mango Relish

Our Tropical Mango Relish is described as a sweet mango chutney with...

Mary McDonald

Circle K

At Circle K, our mission is to make our customers lives a little easier every day. We do this by providing a great customer experience, a key element of which is delivering fantastic service and the highest quality of product every time. Partnering with local Irish businesses and manufacturers is a core factor in our business plan, so establishing a relationship with Ballymaloe Foods was an easy decision. Their passion and dedication to delivering the highest standards of ingredients and taste, while operating with integrity and warmth closely aligns with our values at Circle K. We know that when we use a Ballymaloe product in a recipe, our customers will be satisfied, and there is no greater confidence we could wish for in a partnership. The team is a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to growing our collaboration over the coming years.

Jan Tjip Douwstra

House Of Taste

House of Taste is a supplier for Horeca/Foodservice and Retail. We also own a Delicatessen Shop in the North of the Netherlands. We use the products as a re-seller and we do use the products on our sandwiches in the store. I’ve known Ballymaloe Foods since 2012 and we loved working with them from the first moment. The products are unique, the “family” is great. Of course I would recommend Ballymaloe Foods, good partnership for us both!

Daniel Santa

Portobello Juice

We provide fresh juices and healthy meals using only good quality, unprocessed ingredients. We added Ballymaloe Relish to our menu to give something unique that you don’t get everywhere else. Customers often come back asking for extra so it’s becoming quite difficult to keep Ballymaloe Relish a secret!


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