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We are really excited to be advertising Ballymaloe Country Relish & Honey & Mustard dressing live on RTE Radio 1. Many thanks to Brendan Courtney for his input in the advert & to Greenhouse our creative agency for putting it together.

Make sure to keep a listen out,  it will aired this week & next week!

Click Here to have a listen – Ballymaloe Summer Radio Ad –

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Adam · 2nd October 2013 at 8:00 am

hi, although i like comomn sense in recreating 1000 island dressing, i myself recently created a simple version of 1000 island dressing using 3 ingredients i had on hand. the beautiful organic iceberg lettuce ,my version of 1000 island dressing-a cup or as much as need of veganaise mayo,a few squirts of heinz organic ketchup,and a tbl. or so of eden organic stoneground brown mustard w/ apple cider vinegar. stir well, and enjoy! Tip- can also be used as a coleslaw dressing as is or if you like it more tart add lil fresh lemon juice; lil sweeter-lil honey; lil zing-add few pinches of celery seed(whole),or all these to make a traditional,sweeter and zesty coleslaw dressing!

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