Bolognese Sauce Label

To our valued customers, we have realised an error on a number of our Bolognese Pasta Sauce packs. Butter is included in the ingredients listings but it is not highlighted in bold, which it should be as it contains milk which is an allergen. Butter is used to sauté the onions at the beginning of cooking and only a small amount it used in the overall proportion of the batch.

We have also noted that when we corrected the packaging, we highlighted ‘butter’ in bold but omitted ‘milk’ which should have been listed directly after ‘butter’ as this is the allergen. Please note that we have now amended all these changes and all our future packaging will have the allergens correctly highlighted.

We really apologise for this oversight on our part, and hope that our customers have not been negatively affected by this. If anyone does have a pack in their cupboard and would like to get in touch with us please do so at or call us on 021 4354810.

We have liaised with the Food Safety Authority of Ireland and the HSE in relation to this error.