The perfect Irish gift

We all know there is nothing better than giving someone the perfect  Irish gift whether it is for a birthday, wedding, a new house, or a simple thank you token. At Ballymaloe Foods we always try to give a gift that we know a friend or loved one will truly cherish. A few years ago we came across Slatewood Gifts and admired their handwork and dedication to handcrafting timeless simple and elegant slatewood gifts. There pieces range from slatewood plates to clocks and candles. Each piece is crafted in the family owned business base in the Foothills of the Dublin Mountains. The slate they use is locally sources and because of its flexible nature of the material each piece guarantees a unique feel and stamp. Which makes them the ideal gift for family and friends (or for yourself). These pieces are truly special and a most have on the gift list. We highly recommend them 🙂


Cheese board and coasters setCaptureCapture7